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Gastric Sleeve in Turkey Antalya

Stomach Reduction Turkey / Antalya – CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Our obesity surgery specialists selected for you have already performed over 1,000 successful procedures and are ready to help you on your way to weight loss.


Gastric Proceduces
Gastric Sleeve Turkey Antalya

Gastric Sleeve Turkey

Many people suffer from being overweight. It often goes so far that physical discomfort...

Gastric Bypass Turkey Antalya

Gastric Bypass Turkey

If all classic therapies do not significantly reduce body weight, gastric bypass..

Gastric Band Turkey Antalya

Gastric Band Turkey

A gastric band leads to a faster feeling of satiety and ultimately to the desired one...

Gastric Balloon Turkey

Many people are obese - despite repeated attempts to complete their diet...

Mini-Gastric Bypass Turkey Antalya

Mini-Gastric Bypass Turkey

The mini gastric bypass is a newer and increasingly popular procedure for surgical weight reduction...

Biliopancreatic Diversion Turkey

Biliopancreatic Diversion is an effective surgery for significant weight los...


Our Clinic

The dream of slim body can come true with the help of experienced plastic surgeons in Turkey. In order to realize the changes you want for your body, we put you in contact with Turkish cosmetic surgeons, who will bring their know-how and many years of expertise to your aesthetic wishes.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey

In one of the most renowned clinics in Antalya, several surgeons work for you – for example with a gastric sleeve operation or a gastric bypass.

The clinic has modern equipment and the observation rooms also meet current European standards. Experienced doctors first collect the relevant medical data. For further examinations, the clinic offers appropriately technically equipped rooms or interference rooms. To avoid language barriers, you will be accompanied by a translator. You don’t have to worry about anything else with Get Slim Turkey, because we also organize the arrival and departure. After the gastric operation you can stay in Turkey for a few more days, relax and enjoy a wonderful holiday in Turkey.

getslim turkey happy Gastric Sleeve Turkey patients
Easy Transfer

The transfer costs are already included in the prices and we will pick you up at the airport.


Our team offers a translation service for you in German, English, Russian and other languages.

Affordable prices

Best prices and excellent service - the fees are all inclusive, with no hidden costs.

Stomach Surgery Operation Reviews for GetSlim in Turkey

This is what our patients think
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The best decision I could make, I also did the stomach tube on May 1st, 2019. So I was picked up from the airport, I went to the Transfair hospital and first got to know the doctors, all the sick sisters, and then I started all my pre-examinations and that was it Doctors were perfect and Yasemin...
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Super tip for people who were already desperate. everything super and highly efficient. actually a clever business idea. congratulation! Everything was very well organized and super nice. a special thanks to the chauffeur: very professional and super nice. dr cem is a respected surgeon who has many celebrities.
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I was operated on June 10th, 2019 and got a gastric sleeve. All the nurses and doctors and the interpreters were available 24/7 and very nice. The hospital is modern. I was accommodated in a single room, which is not usual. The op is not bad at all and on the third...
Rebecca Hakan
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I flew to Antalya on 4/4/19 and was picked up at the airport by a very friendly driver. When I arrived at the clinic, I was warmly welcomed by the nurses and staff and accompanied to my single room, took a shower and changed. Then the preliminary examinations began...
Katrin Bekir
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I came across Aesthetic Travel through a friend.. I contacted them via WhatsApp, who gave me all the dates and an appointment was made according to my wishes. Then the day came on April 15th, 2019 and I landed with my daughter in Antalya and on time picked up by the nice chauffeur and taken to...
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I had a gastric sleeve surgery on June 22, 2019. I would be picked up by the driver and dear Yasemin. About me: I am a very, very anxious person, which means I could cry with every needle. But they were so nice and accommodating that I hardly noticed anything. In addition, from early in the morning until late...