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About Get Slim in Turkey

About Get slim in Turkey – Get Slim TURKEY… Our Clinic using the single incision laparoscopic surgery for a Gastric Slevee Operation


About Get Slim in Turkey – 
Our Clinic

With the assistance of skilled plastic an general surgeons in Turkey, the desire of a slender physique might become a reality. We connect you with Turkish cosmetic surgeons who will apply their knowledge and years of experience to your aesthetic goals in order to make the modifications you want to your body.

Many surgeons work for you in one of the most known clinics in Antalya, for instance with a gastric sleeve procedure or a gastric bypass.

The clinic is equipped with sophisticated technology, and the observation rooms are up to date with European standards. First, skilled physicians gather the necessary medical information. The clinic offers interference rooms or rooms with the required technology setups for additional testing. You will have a translator with you to help with any language issues. With Get Slim in Turkey, you won’t have to worry about anything else because we’ll handle your arrival and departure as well. You can extend your stay in Turkey after the gastric surgery so you can unwind and have a lovely vacation there.

getslim turkey happy Gastric Sleeve Turkey patients

About Get Slim in Turkey – 

Easy Transfer

The transfer costs are already included in the prices and we will pick you up at the airport.


Our team offers a translation service for you in German, English, Russian and other languages.

Affordable prices

Best prices and excellent service - the fees are all inclusive, with no hidden costs.

All Inclusive Package

With our all inclusive packages and prices, you don't have to worry about a thing. Book your weight loss surgery in Turkey conveniently. No extra costs.