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Weight Loss Surgery Turkey – Costs and Price

Weight Loss Surgery Turkey – Costs and Price

Premium Gastric Proceduces

gastric sleeve turkey

Gastric Sleeve

from 2,990

gastric bypass turkey

Gastric Bypass

from 3,290

mini gastric bypass turkey

Mini-Gastric Bypass

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gastric band turkey

Gastric Band

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Gastric Balloon

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Weight Loss Surgery Turkey

Feeling comfortable in our body may be one of the prerequisites to make our life harmonious and pleasant. However, it is not always possible to change our diet and lifestyle, which means a lot of exercise, sports and stress management (e.g. Pilates, yoga or meditation). Especially if there are additional health factors such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular disease, a specialist should be consulted to help you achieve a better quality of life. At Get Slim Turkey in Antalya, we offer several options to help you live the life you want and also experience a great cost savings with us in Turkey!

Generally, we offer both restrictive techniques and so-called bypass techniques in Antalya. The restrictive gastric surgery includes, for example, the gastric balloon, the gastric band and the gastric tube (stomach reduction). Minimally invasive bypass techniques, on the other hand, specifically include gastric bypass and omega bypass as primary variants of gastric surgery (bariatric intervention).

In addition to the gastric balloon, simply swallowed or used on an outpatient basis, there is the option of gastric banding, which divides the stomach into two parts through laparoscopic gastric surgery. In addition, at Get Slim Turkey in Antalya, we recommend the tube stomach to achieve the desired weight and a new quality of life. The latter describes a kind of stomach reduction, which is often called gastrectomy by specialists. In gastrointestinal surgery, your specialist in Turkey reduces the stomach to a maximum of 2-3 cm (about 85-150 ml) and the patient feels satiated faster. Another advantage of tube stomach surgery is that the part of the stomach that produces hunger hormones like ghrelin is also removed – this surgical treatment for obesity not only reduces hunger, but also causes positive changes in obesity-related diseases!

Sometimes people still claim that dieting is purely a matter of willpower. However, while a little motivation is certainly important, your body can be a real nuisance! The hormone ghrelin is one of the main players in this phenomenon. Ghrelin is also known as the hunger hormone, and that nickname tells you exactly what it does. It signals your brain that you need to eat something. Ghrelin is produced in the stomach wall. Once the stomach is empty, this production begins. The hormone then flows through the blood to the brain, signaling that food is needed. Result: you feel hungry and start looking for food.

Once your stomach is filled, ghrelin production stops. Instead, your body starts producing leptin, the hormone that makes you feel full. This means you don’t have to eat until your stomach is empty again – a process that, in theory, should ensure you get just enough to eat. Overeating surgeries remove part of your stomach or make your stomach release less of the hunger hormone, and as a result, you eat less.

In Turkey, gastric bypass techniques include classic gastric bypass, mini bypass (omega bypass), transit bipartition according to Santoro and Roux-Y gastric bypass.

All bypass techniques are performed laparoscopically using the so-called keyhole method – i.e. by means of a special laparoscopy and with only a few incisions in the abdomen. The primary goal of bypass techniques is to bypass part of the digestive organ in such a way as to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and fats that would otherwise increase weight in an unhealthy way if the diet is poor. Unfortunately, this also limits the absorption of nutrients, forcing patients to take lifelong supplements. However, it is gastric bypass in Turkey that counts for a very successful method to reduce weight by up to 70%!

With the help of gastric surgery offered by your Get Slim Turkey in Antalya, you can experience significant weight loss within two years after your bariatric surgery. However, the particular experience of success always depends on the patient’s motivation and continuous cooperation! The better the patient adheres to their individual diet plan and incorporates exercise into their life, the greater the chances of success.

In general, you can expect up to 70% lower prices for stomach surgery if you have specialized treatment in Turkey. In addition, at Get Slim Turkey in Antalya, we offer you the opportunity to refer you to the best and most professional doctors and specialized surgeons in Turkey. If you are interested, we also offer you the possibility of payment in installments.