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Bariatric Revision in Türkiye – Pricing & Cost Procedure

Learn everything you need to know about Bariatric Revision in Türkiye, including cost and the exact procedure at GetSlim in Antalya.

Bariatric Revision Türkiye / Antalya – Cost from £3.490 or $4.290.

Bariatric Revision Türkiye / Antalya: Treatment Duration – Stay – Cost & Pricing

GetSlim has established a center for bariatric revision in Türkiye / Antalya, which attracts patients due to its competitive cost and highly qualified bariatric surgeons. In addition to medical excellence, the city offers a picturesque environment that promotes the recovery process. The treatment duration and associated costs vary, but the high medical standard and patient experience in Antalya remain consistently outstanding.

Treatment duration.

1-3 hours.

Hospital Stay.

4 Nights

Cost & Prices

From £3.490 or $4.290


Bariatric Revision: A New Approach to Obesity

Bariatric revision is an advanced surgical approach to tackle the challenges of obesity, especially when the first weight loss surgery did not produce the desired results. As a specialized form of surgery, it offers patients who have already undergone gastric sleeve surgery the chance for a second gastric sleeve surgery. The method combines state-of-the-art techniques with the goal of achieving the optimal outcome for the patient. When dealing with obesity, it is important to use both innovative and proven approaches, and bariatric revision can play a crucial role in this regard.

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Revision at GetSlim Türkiye: Your Second Chance Against Obesity

GetSlim Turkey has established itself as a leading center for obesity surgery and now offers bariatric revision for patients who have already undergone gastric sleeve surgery but have not achieved the desired results. This highly specialized surgical procedure offers a second chance to successfully overcome the challenges of obesity. At GetSlim Türkiye, the well-being of the patient is the top priority. With a team of experienced surgeons, state-of-the-art equipment, and a personalized approach, Get Slim in Turkey provides those affected with an optimal solution on their journey to weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

bariatric revision op turkey antalya Re-Sleeve Gastrectomy Bariatric Revision Turkey – Costs Price & Treatment
Bariatric Revision Turkey – Costs Price & Treatment Conversion to gastric bypass

Bariatric Revision: Convert Gastric Band to Sleeve Gastrectomy

Converting a gastric band to a sleeve gastrectomy is an advanced bariatric revision surgery. Patients who are unhappy with the results or complications of a previously implanted gastric band may find this procedure offers a new chance for effective weight loss. In this process, the gastric band is removed, and the stomach is surgically reshaped into a vertical sleeve. This limits food intake and reduces hunger, making it more sustainable for weight loss. For those seeking a second chance in bariatric surgery, converting to a sleeve gastrectomy may be the right choice. However, it is essential to make this decision with an experienced bariatric surgeon.

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 Convert Gastric Band to Gastric Bypass

Converting a gastric band to a gastric bypass is a challenging bariatric revision surgery. This procedure is considered for patients who have not achieved the desired weight loss or have experienced complications after gastric band implantation. In this revision, the gastric band is removed, and the stomach is reshaped into a small upper pouch and a longer bypass intestine. This promotes food intake restriction and changes calorie and nutrient intake, contributing to more effective weight loss. While this conversion offers many benefits, it is crucial to discuss the risks and benefits with a qualified bariatric surgeon.

Bariatric Revision: Convert Sleeve Gastrectomy to Gastric Bypass

Bariatric revision, specifically the conversion of sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass, is an advanced surgical technique for patients who did not achieve satisfactory results or experienced complications from the original sleeve gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve) surgery. The process involves converting the already reduced stomach into a small upper pouch, which is then directly connected to the small intestine, creating a bypass of most of the stomach. This not only further reduces food intake capacity but also bypasses part of the digestive tract, which may promote weight loss. When considering this type of revision, careful consultation and evaluation by an experienced bariatric surgeon are essential to ensure the best results and minimize potential risks.

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 Convert Gastric Bypass to Sleeve Gastrectomy

Bariatric revision, which converts gastric bypass to sleeve gastrectomy, is a rare and complex surgical intervention. It is considered when patients encounter problems after gastric bypass surgery or desire an adjustment of their weight loss strategy. During the operation, the original bypass is undone, and the stomach is reshaped into a tubular structure to restrict food intake. This revision is technically challenging and requires the skill of a seasoned bariatric surgeon. The aim is to offer patients an effective and safe method of weight loss by restricting food intake while minimizing potential complications of the previous operation. It is important for patients to be aware of the possible risks and benefits of this conversion and make an informed decision.

Adjustments to Gastric Bypass
Adjustments to Gastric Bypass

Bariatric Revision: Re-Sleeve

The bariatric revision called Re-Sleeve refers to a repeat surgical intervention in which a previously formed sleeve gastrectomy is once again reduced in size. This type of revision is considered when patients do not achieve the desired weight loss after an initial gastric sleeve surgery, or when the sleeve is stretched over time. The procedure requires a high level of surgical expertise as scar tissue is already present and the reshaping of the stomach must be precise. The Re-Sleeve operation aims to provide patients with an efficient and sustainable weight loss solution by further restricting the stomach’s capacity. As with all bariatric procedures, patients should be aware of the risks and benefits and make the decision with an experienced bariatric team.

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Bariatric Revision Türkiye / Antalya – Frequently Asked Questions

GetSlim is a renowned center for bariatric revision in Türkiye / Antalya. Many interested individuals have frequently asked questions about the offered procedures and treatment abroad. With top-notch facilities and experienced surgeons, Get Slim provides answers and solutions to support patients on their journey to revision. It is worth getting informed thoroughly and being prepared.

What is Bariatric Revision Surgery – A Deep Insight:

When it comes to bariatric surgery, most people immediately think of a one-time operation that leads to significant weight loss. But what happens when the desired results are not achieved or complications arise? This is where bariatric revision surgery comes into play.

Understanding Bariatric Revision Surgery

Bariatric revision surgery is basically a second corrective operation after a previous bariatric procedure. It is performed when the first surgery did not achieve the desired results or when complications arise over time.

When is Bariatric Revision Surgery Necessary?

  • Inadequate weight loss: Some patients do not lose enough weight after the first procedure or regain the lost weight.
  • Medical complications: Problems such as dumping syndrome, nutritional deficiencies, or even stomach ulcers may require revision surgery.
  • Structural issues: In some cases, the original structure such as a gastric band may loosen or shift over time.

The Process of Bariatric Revision Surgery

Bariatric revision surgery is often more complex than the original weight loss operation. The surgeon has to consider and possibly correct the previous work. This may involve removing a gastric band or converting a sleeve gastrectomy to a gastric bypass.


Although bariatric surgery typically provides life-changing results, it is not always a one-size-fits-all solution. Bariatric revision surgery offers a second chance at successful weight loss and better health. As with any surgical procedure, it is crucial to be well-informed and work with an experienced team.

The Different Types of Bariatric Revision:

Bariatric surgery has become a proven method for treating obesity. However, as with any surgical intervention, there can sometimes be unwanted results or complications that require revision surgery. There are different types of bariatric revision procedures that vary depending on the original operation and the reason for the revision.

1. Gastric Band to Sleeve Gastrectomy

The gastric band was once one of the most popular bariatric procedures. However, the band can sometimes slip or become too loose or tight, in which case a revision may be necessary to remove the band and form a sleeve gastrectomy.

2. Sleeve Gastrectomy to Gastric Bypass

In some cases, the sleeve gastrectomy does not offer the desired weight loss or leads to complications such as reflux. Then, conversion to a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass can be performed to improve weight loss and reduce reflux.

3. Gastric Bypass Revision

In rare cases, the gastric bypass can lead to problems, such as when the reduced stomach pouch becomes too large or when the small intestine connection (anastomosis) becomes too wide. In such cases, the surgeon can perform a revision to correct these structures.

4. Re-Sleeve Gastrectomy

If a patient has not lost enough weight or has regained weight after a sleeve gastrectomy, a second sleeve gastrectomy, known as a re-sleeve, can be performed to further reduce stomach size.

5. Conversion from Older Procedures

Previous bariatric procedures that are no longer commonly performed, such as vertical banded gastroplasty, can be converted to more modern procedures such as the sleeve gastrectomy or the gastric bypass.


The choice of the best revision surgery depends on many factors, including the original surgery, the reasons for revision, and the patient’s individual health. In-depth discussion with an experienced bariatric surgeon is essential to determine the most suitable option.

Costs for Bariatric Revision Surgery:
The expenses associated with bariatric revision surgery in Turkey can vary significantly depending on the location, type of procedure, and the facility where it’s conducted. Typically, costs are higher in countries with advanced healthcare systems, while those renowned as medical tourism destinations tend to offer more competitive prices.

Comparison Table: Bariatric Revision in Turkey
ProcedureAverage Cost in EUR
Re-Sleeve GastrectomyFrom €3,990
Gastric Sleeve to Gastric BypassFrom €4,250
Gastric Bypass to Gastric SleeveFrom €4,500
Gastric Band to Gastric SleeveFrom €4,700
Biliopancreatic DiversionFrom €6,500

Comparison Table: Costs for Bariatric Revision Abroad

CountryBariatric Revision Cost in EUR
TurkeyFrom €3,990
MexicoFrom €6,500
GermanyFrom €10,000
USAFrom €18,000
UKFrom €12,000
Czech RepublicFrom €7,000


Please note that the prices mentioned above are average values and can vary based on the clinic, region, and specific patient requirements. It’s always advisable to directly approach the clinic or surgeon for precise price details and cost estimates.

Cost for Bariatric Revision Surgery: Start from £3.490 or $4.290.


Is Bariatric Revision Surgery Safe in Turkey?

Turkey has established itself as a hotspot for medical treatments, with bariatric revision being a particularly notable area. This growing trend has attracted many people from around the world looking for high-quality yet cost-efficient solutions. As Turkey’s popularity in the world of bariatric revision grows, it is essential for anyone considering this route to thoroughly research the safety and quality of the services offered.

Highly Skilled Surgeons and Modern Facilities 

One of the main reasons for the rise in medical tourism in Turkey is the high qualification of many Turkish surgeons, many of whom have studied or trained in Europe, the US, or other advanced countries. Additionally, many medical facilities in Turkey are state-of-the-art, providing the latest in equipment and technologies.

Accreditation and Standards

Many Turkish hospitals that offer bariatric procedures are internationally accredited, meaning they adhere to certain quality and safety standards. Accreditations from organizations such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) can be an indicator of high medical standards.

Individual Research and Reviews

However, it is important to conduct individual research before choosing a hospital or surgeon for a procedure. Patient reviews and testimonials can be helpful in getting an idea of others’ experiences.

Communication and Aftercare

Another factor to consider when determining whether bariatric revision surgery is safe in Turkey is communication with medical staff and aftercare. It is essential that patients feel comfortable and understood by their surgeon and medical team and receive clear instructions for aftercare.

Final Thoughts

While many people have had positive experiences with bariatric procedures in Turkey, it is essential to thoroughly research and make informed decisions. Safety should always be the top priority, and it is advisable to use all available information to make the best decision for one’s health and well-being.