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SILS Scarless Gastric Sleeve Turkey – Cost, Prices & Procedure

Scarless Surgery – Gastric Sleeve without Scar in Türkiye – Cost: The scarless SILS method at GetSlim in Antalya is revolutionizing bariatric surgery. Experience scarless stomach reduction and find out about costs and the procedure of this innovative technique.

Scarless Gastric Sleeve Surgery Türkiye / Antalya – Costs: from £2.790 or $3.490!

Scarless Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye: Duration of Treatment – Hospital Stay – Costs & Prices

The scar-free gastric sleeve surgery using the SILS method in Türkiye brings together top-notch medical care with cost-efficient pricing. At GetSlim, patients are offered a comprehensive service, from treatment to stay and transparent cost breakdown.

Duration of Treatment

30 - 60 Min.

Hospital Stay

4 Night

Cost & Pricing

£2.790 or $3.490


SILS Method Scarless Gastric Sleeve

The SILS method for gastric sleeve surgeries stands for “Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery” and represents an advanced technique in bariatric surgery. Through a single, minimal incision, usually hidden within the belly button, the SILS method allows for a virtually scar-free execution of the gastric sleeve procedure. This innovative approach not only minimizes the aesthetic risk of scarring, but can also reduce post-operative pain and expedite recovery time. For those interested in effective weight loss while prioritizing minimally invasive techniques, the advantages of the SILS method should be considered.

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Scar-Free Gastric Sleeve with GetSlim Turkey – Procedure

Over recent years, bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) for obesity has seen rapid advancements, and Get Slim in Turkey is at the forefront of these developments. One such example is the “scar-free gastric sleeve” procedure. Here’s a brief overview of the procedure at GetSlim Turkey:

  • Consultation: Every procedure begins with a comprehensive consultation to ensure the patient is suited for the surgery and to clarify all questions.
  • Preparation: Ahead of the surgery, thorough health checks and preparatory measures are taken to ensure optimal results.
  • Surgery: For the scar-free gastric sleeve, GetSlim utilizes the SILS method. Here, only a single, minimal incision is made, typically concealed within the navel area. Through this opening, all necessary instruments are introduced, and the surgery is performed.
  • Recovery: Owing to the minimally invasive nature of the SILS technique, post-operative recovery time is often shorter, with patients experiencing less pain and discomfort.
  • Aftercare: Get Slim in Türkiye places immense importance on the post-surgery care of its patients. Regular check-ups and support in dietary shifts and lifestyle modifications are part of the comprehensive care package.

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By opting for a scar-free surgical procedure, patients can enjoy not just the aesthetic benefits of a scarless operation but also a secure and efficient method of weight loss surgery with Get Slim in Türkiye.

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery Turkey SILS Scarless Gastric Sleeve Turkey

Scar-Free Gastric Sleeve Surgery Abroad

Opting for gastric sleeve surgery abroad, especially in countries like Türkiye, brings with it numerous advantages. A primary benefit of the scar-free gastric sleeve surgery is the preservation of the natural stomach function, as no foreign bodies are introduced or fundamental changes made to the stomach’s entry or exit. This means that, after a brief recovery period, patients are capable of eating without restrictions. Moreover, studies have shown that the scarless gastric sleeve procedure can have positive effects on metabolic diseases such as Type-2 Diabetes. All of this comes with the added aesthetic advantage of a minimally invasive procedure that leaves almost invisible scars.

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Gastric Sleeve without Scar in Türkiye – Benefits with GetSlim Türkiye

At GetSlim Türkiye, patients benefit from the state-of-the-art scarless gastric sleeve procedure, one of the latest developments in bariatric surgery. Thanks to the advanced SILS method, GetSlim facilitates an operation with minimal scarring, often concealed within the belly button area. This not only enhances the aesthetic outcome but also reduces post-operative discomfort. In addition to visual discretion, GetSlim Türkiye emphasizes the highest medical standards, underlining the significance of retaining the natural stomach function. After a brief recovery span, patients can eat unrestrictedly and relish the health benefits, including positive impacts on metabolic diseases such as Type-2 Diabetes. With GetSlim in Türkiye, one is not only receiving progressive treatment but also comprehensive care before and after the surgery.

SILS sleeve surgery without scar abroad Scarless Sleeve Gastrectomy SILS Scarless Gastric Sleeve Turkey
SILS Scarless Sleeve Gastrectomy – Turkey, Antalya – Cost £2,290

Scarless Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye – Cost & Prices

Scarless Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey – Cost: for only £2.790 or $3.490 GetSlim in Türkiye enables a scarless tubular stomach surgery of first-class quality, combined with a holistic service experience. This enticing price encompasses an all-inclusive package: Four nights of accommodation, all necessary medications, and impeccable care throughout your stay. Our services include hassle-free transfers, a complimentary, tailor-made consultation, and the support of an interpreter. The procedure is carried out by a renowned specialist in bariatric surgery, who ensures through extensive pre-checks that everything proceeds optimally. Additionally, enjoy free Wi-Fi access and rest assured, knowing we’re always there for you. With GetSlim, experience medical excellence in Türkiye at an affordable rate.

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Scarless Gastric Sleeve in Türkiye: Installments or Financing

For many, financing a medical procedure can be a hurdle. Recognizing this need, GetSlim in Türkiye collaborates with Credit4Beauty to offer flexible installment options and the possibility for financing. This makes the scar-free gastric sleeve surgery in Türkiye/Antalya financially feasible for you. Spread the cost over a more extended period and gradually approach your desire for a renewed self-image. With GetSlim and Credit4Beauty, you can pay for your scar-free gastric sleeve surgery in convenient installments. Currently, we DO NOT offer financing in the English-speaking region.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Risks Scarless Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye

Possible Side Effects After the Scar-Free Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The SILS method, which achieves a gastric sleeve without visible scars, represents an innovative approach in obesity surgery. However, even this procedure is not entirely without risks. To minimize these, it’s crucial to follow all medical instructions meticulously. Common complications can include internal bleeding, infections in the operated area, as well as short-term nausea and vomiting. In later stages, leaks in the treated area or venous thrombosis might occur. It’s of utmost importance to maintain close communication with the medical team post the SILS-based surgery and to implement all recommendations diligently.

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Risk Minimization at GetSlim for Scar-Free Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye

GetSlim in Türkiye upholds the highest standards in obesity surgery, leveraging innovative approaches like the SILS method to allow for a gastric sleeve without visible scars. Our top priority is the safety and satisfaction of our patients. This is why we only collaborate with seasoned specialist surgeons, utilize state-of-the-art technologies, and offer individualized post-operative care plans. Our patients are extensively informed about potential risks and receive detailed instructions for post-op care. Through our proactive approach, which includes regular check-ups and constant availability for questions or concerns, we aim to minimize the risk of complications and ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Scar-Free Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Türkiye with GetSlim – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Choosing a scar-free gastric sleeve surgery in Türkiye often raises many questions. At GetSlim, we place great emphasis on transparently and comprehensively informing our patients. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the SILS method, the treatment, and the services we offer to you.

SILS Gastric Sleeve Surgery – An Overview:

The SILS Gastric Sleeve Surgery, also known as “Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery,” represents a significant breakthrough in bariatric surgery. The primary advantage? A procedure that’s performed scar-free, leaving no visible traces. Through a single, small incision, preferably in the navel, the majority of the stomach is removed – and it’s almost without a scar.

Minimally Invasive Technique

Fewer Cuts, More Aesthetics The SILS technique is markedly different from traditional methods. While conventional procedures require multiple incisions, SILS relies on just one entry point. The outcome is a nearly invisible and scar-free procedure concealed within the navel.

Benefits of the Scar-Free Procedure

The SILS Gastric Sleeve Surgery offers more than just a scarless aesthetic solution. By reducing the number of incision sites, the risk of wound infections is minimized. Many patients report experiencing less post-operative pain and a faster healing process. This scar-free approach promotes quicker recovery and ensures a cosmetically pleasing result.


Gastric Sleeve Surgery without a Scar A life without excess weight and entirely scar-free? The SILS Gastric Sleeve Surgery makes it possible. This revolutionary procedure provides patients with not just effective weight-loss results, but also the comfort of an almost scar-free procedure. A significant advancement in bariatric surgery that focuses on both efficacy and aesthetics.

Deciding on a surgical procedure always comes with numerous considerations and questions, especially when it involves something as significant as a gastric sleeve surgery. Naturally, turning to an expert like GetSlim, renowned for its technical expertise and several other benefits, is a logical choice.

Specialization in Scar-Free Techniques

GetSlim specializes in the scar-free SILS Gastric Sleeve Surgery. The team boasts years of experience in this modern and minimally invasive technique.

Highest Quality Standards

Patient safety is GetSlim’s top priority. Every procedure is performed by highly qualified and verified specialists, who consistently upgrade their knowledge through continuous training, ensuring they are at the forefront of the field.

Comprehensive Care Concept

From the initial consultation to aftercare, patients at GetSlim receive all-around care. This includes individual consultation sessions, a personal interpreter, comfortable transfer services, and dedicated support during the recovery phase.

Attractive Cost-Performance Ratio

Despite offering top-notch medical services, the costs for procedures at GetSlim are highly competitive, especially when compared to other European countries.

Positive Patient Experiences

The numerous glowing reviews and recommendations from satisfied patients speak volumes. GetSlim places great emphasis on patient satisfaction and a results-oriented approach.

In summary, GetSlim offers not only top-tier medical expertise but also a comprehensive care package, making the procedure as smooth and pleasant as possible. Anyone seeking a scar-free gastric sleeve surgery will find themselves in the best hands at GetSlim.

The cost of scarless gastric sleeve surgery can vary significantly depending on the country and clinic. While some countries demand high prices, others, like Türkiye, offer top-notch medical services discounted the cost. This has led to a rising number of people considering medical tourism to avail high-quality healthcare services at affordable rates.

Here’s a comparison table of average costs for scarless gastric sleeve surgery in various countries:

CountryAverage Cost of Scarless Gastric Sleeve
TürkiyeStarting from €3,190
MexicoApproximately €5,500
Czech RepublicApproximately €7,000
GermanyAround €10,000 – €15,000
EnglandApproximately €12,000 – €17,000
USAApproximately €15,000 – €25,000
It’s important to note that these prices can fluctuate based on individual circumstances, the chosen clinic, and any additional services. Moreover, always ensure that the price accurately reflects the quality of medical care and support.

Closing Thoughts

In Türkiye, especially with providers like GetSlim, patients not only benefit from affordable rates but also from high-quality medical services. The country has established itself as a leading hub for medical tourism, thanks to its blend of modern infrastructure, seasoned surgeons, and competitive pricing.
Scarless Gastric Sleeve Surgery Cost: At GetSlim in Antalya, prices start from £2.790 or $3.490.