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Stomach Reduction and Desire to Have a Baby

Stomach Reduction and Desire to Have a Baby

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Stomach Reduction and Desire to Have a Baby

Desire to Have a Baby and Stomach Reduction

At the renowned Get Slim in Turkey, stomach reduction are performed by experienced surgeons according to high medical standards. After a gastric reduction, women can carry a child. However, the pregnancy should be closely monitored medically. A waiting period of at least 12 to 18 months between the surgery and pregnancy is recommended.

Stomach Reduction and Desire to Have a Baby

Worldwide, the number of people with obesity is increasing. Gastric reduction surgery is considered one of the most successful treatment methods today when all conventional measures such as diets and medication have failed. Obesity poses a high risk of gestational diabetes for women.

Furthermore, with extremely high body weight, there are risks during pregnancy and childbirth. Even after gastric reduction surgery, pregnancy is not without risks. You should be prepared for the fact that a pregnancy will need to be closely monitored from a medical perspective. This applies to both the mother’s and the child’s health.

Medical Tribune recommends a waiting period of one to one and a half years for sleeve gastrectomy (Gastric-Sleeve) or gastric bypass surgery. Some doctors even suggest waiting periods of up to 24 months. I deally, pregnancy should not be planned until then. You should also consult a specialist regarding contraception methods. Not all contraceptives are reliably effective after gastric reduction surgery. Doctors recommend monthly ultrasounds to monitor the growth of the unborn child. You can receive comprehensive advice and information from the experienced doctors at Get Slim in Antalya.

Advice at Getslim Turkey in English

At Get Slim in Turkey, you will receive a comprehensive and personalized consultation before gastric surgery. To avoid language barriers, interpreters are available. Therefore, you can receive detailed and thorough advice on all questions regarding gastric reduction and pregnancy in the English language. It’s a good idea to prepare a list of questions in advance. This way, no question will be forgotten because you may be too nervous before the surgery. After the surgery, you can consult a gynecologist in your country. You will be more at ease with the surgery if you have already discussed these questions with the specialists at the clinic in Antalya beforehand. The doctors at the clinic take their time for personal conversations with all patients. They have understanding for the questions and concerns that may weigh on you before the surgery.

Aftercare in Your Country – Address Your Desire to Have a Baby

It is advisable to actively search for a gynecologist who has prior experience with pregnancies after gastric reduction surgery. You may need to travel longer distances for this, but it is worth it for the sake of a well-managed later pregnancy. The doctor will recommend suitable contraceptive methods for the waiting period.

During follow-up examinations in your country, it is also essential to discuss your desire to have a baby. Nutrition should be closely monitored even before planning a pregnancy to ensure proper nutrient intake. You may be recommended special dietary supplements that will also need to be taken during pregnancy. With your desire for a baby after gastric reduction surgery, you are not alone. You can connect with other women locally or online who have either given birth to a baby after the surgery or are currently pregnant.

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