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Stomach Reduction – Obesity Surgery

Stomach Reduction - Obesity Surgery

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Stomach Reduction – Obesity Surgery

Obesity Surgery – Stomach Reduction

Unfortunately, obesity is becoming increasingly common. Surgical treatment techniques are advancing, and their indications must be well established before each treatment, as they are not without side effects.

Stomach Reduction – Obesity Surgery / Bariatric Surgery

These are a series of surgical techniques available for the treatment of severe obesity.

Indications for Obesity Surgery are:

A higher body mass index (BMI) of more than 35 or 30 if there are accompanying conditions such as type 2 diabetes or other serious illnesses caused by obesity.

Stable Weight Over Time

Be prepared to change your eating habits because surgery alone is not enough.

Contradictions for Surgery are

  • An unstable depression
  • Alcoholism
  • A health problem that makes general anesthesia risky
  • An inflammatory condition of the digestive tract

A Stomach Reduction Should Only Be Planned After Consultations with Various Medical Disciplines

  • A gastroenterologist
  • A nutritionist
  • A psychiatrist
  • A bariatric surgeon
  • An anesthesiologist

They each search for contraindications for gastric reduction, assess the patient’s motivation, and explain the entire treatment.

The principle of obesity surgery is the reduction of food intake and +/- calorie intake through various types of gastric reduction, such as.

Obesity affects well over 20 million people in Germany today, or 30% of the German population. Due to genetic and environmental factors, it has many negative effects on our health, such as:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Liver, kidney, and joint diseases, etc…

Medicine offers various treatments, with surgery being the most radical. However, every surgery comes with risks. Furthermore, possible nutritional deficiencies can occur after the procedure.

Interesting Facts

Here you will find interesting facts about gastric reduction, such as the advantages and disadvantages of obesity surgery, also known as bariatric surgery.

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