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Your Life After a Stomach Reduction

Your Life After a Stomach Reduction

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Your Life After a Stomach Reduction

Life After a Stomach Reduction

After a gastric reduction, you will feel the adjustment from day one. And that means: eating differently and, above all, eating less. After all, the purpose of gastric reduction is precisely this. Learn how to eat properly in advance of such a procedure.

One of the most important points is to change unhealthy eating habits. If you’re used to reaching for chips and chocolate before, you won’t be able to continue eating them after gastric reduction. The first step is in the mind and begins with the realization that this eating behavior has led to this overweight.

The Diet Immediately After the Procedure

The first days after a gastric reduction surgery involve establishing a special dietary regimen. To protect the stomach, you will have a liquid or puréed diet for the first two to three days. Following that, you will initially consume soft foods. This initial phase after gastric reduction lasts for four weeks. Afterward, you will transition to a regular diet but with smaller meals.

With a reduced stomach, it’s essential to have regular meals. Distribute the three main meals throughout the day. Make sure to follow this schedule to intake necessary nutrients. Another point to consider is eating slowly. Chew your food well and savor it. Avoid eating on the go and instead eat mindfully.

Your Life After Gastric Reduction – Plan Your Meals

Opt for healthy proteins. Whether you choose meat or plant-based proteins here is secondary. What’s significant is that you consume proteins daily. If you enjoy eating meat, it’s still a good idea to occasionally incorporate legumes like beans, lentils, or chickpeas into your diet. They are satisfying and excellent sources of protein, which, in turn, is essential for muscle building.

Why Muscle Building is Important

The muscles in the body are immensely important for fat consumption. Muscles boost metabolism and burn energy. That’s why every weight loss guide emphasizes the importance of muscle mass. This, of course, applies after a gastric operation in Turkey / Antalya as well. The goal here is not to become a top athlete. It is solely about transforming a portion of fat mass into muscle mass, which plays a long-term role in weight loss or weight maintenance.

Your Life After Gastric Reduction – Avoid Calorie Bombs

And primarily, this means avoiding sugar and empty carbohydrates. This includes white bread or bread made from white flour. Moreover, avoiding sweet beverages is a part of it. Water is the better choice! After gastric surgery, it’s essential to drink still water, as carbonated water may fill the stomach but can lead to quick hunger pangs.

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